General care

Always store your naturally dyed items in a dark place. A closed wardrobe closet will keep your clothing away from the sun and artificial light sources.

Scenting your closet with a bag of freshly picked lavender gives a pleasant smell and will also prevent moths from coming in.


Firstly, only wash your clothes when this is absolutely necessary. Washing agitates the scales of natural fibers and will eventually remove their original shine. Some fresh air or bathroom steam is usually enough to revitalise the fabric.

Always wash your naturally dyed items by hand in cold or luke warm water. A maximum of 30 degrees celsius will do. Fill up a container, big enough for the garment to move freely, with tap water. Make sure the water is significantly colder than the temperature of your own hands. Then dissolve some ‘ph neutral’ soap (a mild detergent for delicate fibers) in the tub or bucket and gently place the garment in the water. Let it sit for 30 to 60 minutes and stir occasionally. Heavy stirring or rubbing could cause pilling or felting, which should be prevented. Carefully take out the garment after soaking and rinse serveral times with cold water. Leave to dry on room temperature and avoid direct sunlight.

Please contact when you are uncertain about the best way to wash your purchased garments.


A stain removal guide will follow soon.